Whaling Traditions of Bequia

The island has old whaling traditions. If you would like to learn more, there is even a famous whaling museum on Bequia. Today there are not many whalers left, but the tradition is very much kept alive in Bequian architecture.


VIDEO: whaling people from Bequia

Bequia is well-known for its whaling traditions. Bequia is actually one of very few places in the world where whaling is still allowed. The International Whaling Commission has allowed whaling – this means that the whalers are allowed to catch an annual, quite small, quota of whales.


Just as the boat builders, the fishermen use the techniques of their forefathers. The fishermen still use their traditional hand thrown harpoons, and they’re using small open boats.

Bequia FlagBequia has a long tradition of whaling, but did you know that the flag of Bequia is a whale?